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DN80 AWWA/DIN Double Orifice Air Vent Valve manufacture

short description:

Shandong Ronborn Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd, with professional factory, is one of the leading China cast iron air valve manufacturers, we are able to offer you cheap cast iron air valve. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
Adapt to working conditions
1, adapt to the medium; water
2, suitable temperature: 0-80℃
3, nominal pressure: PN0.6Mpa, PN1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa
4. When the nominal pressure is ≤1.0MPa, the ultimate failure pressure of all components is not less than 2.0MPa
When the nominal pressure is 1.6MPa, the ultimate failure pressure of all components is not less than 3.2MPa

Product Detail

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Product Overview

Intake and exhaust valve is one of the key valves in the water supply pipeline. With the continuous development of China's water industry and the continuous upgrading of water supply and drainage equipment, the compound high-speed inlet and exhaust valve is a utility model valve designed by ourselves. It is a collection of domestic and foreign manufacturers of product advantages in one of the optimization design, beautiful structure, compact, it has higher technology content, more widely used, welcomed by industry users.

Some of the performance of the FGP4X compound high-speed intake and exhaust valve produced by our company is very superior, such as the air closing valve pressure and the exhaust volume under the same pressure difference are much higher than the standard low line value.

Components and Materials

No. Name Material
1 Valve Body Ductile Iron 450-10
2 Valve Clack Ductile Iron450-10+EPDM
3 Float ball Stainless steel 304
4 Ring NBR
5 Sealing ring EPDM
6 bolt and nut 304
7 valve cover Ductile Iron 450-10
8 Valve plate 2Cr13
9 Disc nut QA19-4
10 Bleed screw 304
11 Upper Cap Ductile Iron450-10
12 bonnet Ductile Iron450-10
13 dust cover Q235

Detailed Size of Main Parts

DIMENSION mm(PN16)              
DN D D1 D2 b n-d f
50 165 125 99 20 4-19 3
65 185 145 118 20 4-19 3
80 200 160 132 22 8-19 3
100 220 180 156 24 8-19 3
150 285 240 211 26 8-23 3
200 340 295 266 30 12-23 3

Main functions

The compound high speed inlet and outlet valve is a special inlet and outlet valve for water supply pipeline. The valve has the following functions:

(1) When the empty pipe is filled with water, a large amount of air in the pipe is automatically discharged, so as not to make the undrained air form a balloon in the pipe to hinder the flow of water.

(2) There is a secondary exhaust function, in the operation of the pressure pipeline, can automatically exclude the air precipitated from the water, so as not to block the water.

(3) When negative pressure occurs in the pipeline, it can automatically and quickly intake air to avoid instability and damage to the pipeline due to excessive negative pressure.

(4) When used properly, it can eliminate the destructive effect of pulling off the water column caused by the water hammer on the pipeline to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

(5) When the pipeline is emptying, it can automatically take in a large amount of air to speed up the water discharge and shorten the water shutdown time.

(6) In order to facilitate the use of users and better play the role of the exhaust valve, saving project costs, it is recommended to select the exhaust valve specifications and installation position according to the requirements of the following table.

Product Feature

1. The air closing valve pressure is high. The allowable exhaust pressure (that is, the difference between the internal and external pressure of the valve) is as high as 0.40MPa, which is much higher than similar products at home and abroad.
2. Large displacement. The flow channel design of the valve conforms to the aerodynamic principle, the whole channel exhaust, and the floating body will not be blocked.
3. Water hammer protection function is good.
4. The unique self-sealing lip design can fully ensure that the pipeline pressure is not more than 0.02MPa under the condition of self-closing. To avoid running water leakage.
5. The inlet and exhaust valve flow channel design area is more than 2.5 times of the channel, with water flushing self-closing function, can ensure that under the condition of ≤0.60MPa water filling pressure, water will not occur and can not self-closing problem, short time stop the pump, water, immediately restore water supply, to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline.
6. Work safely and reliably. Valve internal components are all made of stainless steel, with external filter protection, compact structure, safe and reliable work, after many years of practical proof, its accident probability is very small, no maintenance.
7. Easy to install, labor-saving and fast.
8. Good anti-corrosion performance, safety and health.
9. The lower channel of the valve is equipped with a special (raw water) protective filter, which can effectively filter impurities in the raw water and ensure the safe and effective operation of the exhaust valve.
10. Compact design, small size, light weight, elegant appearance.

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