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DIN3352 F4/F5 Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve

About DIN3352 F4/F5 Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Wedge Gate Valve:

DIN3352 F4/F5 gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail.
The wedge is fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber. It features an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process and the sturdy wedge design.
The triple safety stem sealing system, the high strength stem and the thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability.

 DIN3352 Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Wedge Gate Valve feature:
* Gate Valves are made of ductile iron and meet DIN3352 requirements.
* Stainless steel stems provided as standard to eliminate bent or broken stems.
* Fully encapsulated EPDM wedge to prevent deterioration from disinfectants.

Our manufacture has full ability to produce this standard valve. Especially using high quality materials to improve product performance and service life. If your projects need different solution, just feel freely to contact us.

Post time: Dec-29-2023