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DN80 Micro Exhaust Air Vent Valve Manufacture

short description:

Shandong Ronborn Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd, with professional factory, is one of the leading China cast iron air relief valve manufacturers, we are able to offer you cheap cast iron air relief valve. Welcome to wholesale products from us.



Product Detail

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Components and Materials

No. Name Material
1 Flange Ductile Iron450-10
2 Gasket EPDM
3 G1"-PN16 H58Ball valve with external thread
4 Valve body Ductile Iron450-10
5 Float ball 304
6 Valve cover Ductile Iron450-10
7 Rocker 304
8 Rubber seal plug EPDM
9 Hex bolt Galvanized carbon steel
10 Flat washer-S Galvanized carbon steel
11 Hex nut Galvanized carbon steel
12 Cross recess pan head screw 304
13 Lock nut M3 304
14 Sealing ring NBR
15 Bracket ABS
16 Rubber pad EPDM

Detailed Size of Main Parts


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