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American ANSI Non Rising Stem Soft Sealing NRS Gate Valve

short description:

Shandong Ronborn Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd, with professional factory, is one of the leading China ANSI cast iron gate valve manufacturers, we are able to offer you cheap ANSI cast iron gate valve. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

The new soft-sealed gate valve is the third-generation soft-sealed valve designed and developed by our company. On the basis of the second-generation soft-sealed gate valve, its sealing structure has been improved, and it has made another step in the field of valve sealing with better results.
Performance parameters:
Suitable media: water, seawater, sewage, weak acid, alkali (PH 3.2-9.8) and other fluid media.
Suitable medium temperature: ≤80℃
Nominal pressure: PN1.0MPa (10㎏/cm²) PN1.6MPa (16㎏/cm²)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Components and Materials

No. Name Material
1 Valve Body Ductile Iron
2 Valve Plate Ductile Iron+EPDM
3 Stem Nut Brass or Bronze
4 Stem 2Gr13
5 Bonnet Ductile Iron
6 Hexagon Socket Bolt Zinc Plating Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
7 Sealing Ring EPDM
8 Lubricating Gasket Bronze
9 O-Ring EPDM
10 O-Ring EPDM
11 Upper Cap Ductile Iron
12 Cavity Pad EPDM
13 Bolt Zinc Plating Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
14 Washer Zinc Plating Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
15 Hand Wheel Ductile Iron
16 Square Cap Ductile Iron
AWWA C515 American Stardard Non Rising Stem Soft Sealing Gate Valve with Indicator Flange

Detailed Size of Main Parts

AWWA C515 American Stardard Non Rising Stem Soft Sealing Gate Valve with Indicator Flange
Specification Pressure Dimension (mm)
DN inch Class D K L H1 H d
100 4 125 229 190.5 229 323.5 449 305
125 5 125 254 216 254 385 512 305
150 6 125 279 241.3 267 423.5 572 305
200 8 125 343 298.5 292 527 698.5 305
250 10 125 406 362 330 645 848 305
300 12 125 483 431.8 356 722 963.5 305


1) The upper seal of the valve is sealed by three "O"-shaped rubber sealing rings, and the upper two "O"-shaped rubber sealing rings can be replaced without stopping the water.
2) The valve body and bonnet adopt "O" type rubber sealing ring structure, which can realize self-sealing.
3) When the valve is fully open, the valve plate is higher than the diameter of the valve, the bottom of the valve body is smooth without gate groove, and the flow resistance coefficient is small, which avoids the phenomenon that the valve plate is not tightly sealed due to debris blocking the gasket.
4) The valve stem nut and gate plate are connected by T-slot, which has high strength, and the radial friction force between the valve plate and the valve body is very small, and the service life is long.
5) Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment adopts electrostatic spraying of non-toxic epoxy resin hot-melt solidification powder. The powder has WRAS and NSF certification, which eliminates secondary pollution to water quality and makes water supply more pure. 

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